Sprinkler Installation Spokane WAAre you looking for Sprinkler Installation Spokane? Not only do we offer Sprinkler Repair services but we also offer full Sprinkler Installation services. We have installed both small and large systems for both residential and commercial clients. Since it can get hot in Spokane Washington, having some type of sprinkler system is a must. If you are tired of manually watering your lawn and gardens, then maybe its time to call us!

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Using a hose and manually watering your lawn can get tiring, but having a system that automatically waters your lawn can save both time and money. Instead of wasting money on hoses, sprinkler heads and wasted water, you can invest that money into a system that will work for years to come.

What Do You Get With Sprinkler Installation Spokane?

  • Free quote before any work is started so you know what the cost of the project will be.
  • 12 Month Warranty on all new sprinkler installs
  • Free Fall Blowout service (a $45+ value)
  • New sprinkler heads and control board.
  • One free system check during the summer.
  • One free Spring Sprinkler System Startup.

Not only do we offer a free quote on new sprinkler installs, but we also offer a 12 month warranty and a free fall blowout! Before winter comes you need to make sure your sprinkler system is ready for the hard freezing temperatures. We will do this for you for free for the first year that you own your new sprinkler system!

Give us a call if you are thinking of getting a sprinkler system installed and talk to one of our professional technicians.