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Spray Services, Including Spider Sprays

We offer many different Spray Services throughout Spokane. Our spray services are not just fertilizing your yard, but we can help you get that thick green lawn you have been dreaming about.

We can also help you keep your lawn weed-free so you can spend your weekends doing what you enjoy instead of de-weeding your lawn and gardens, unless of course if you enjoy yard work!

How about those spiders? We believe they should live outside, and can help!

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A List Of Our Spray Services For Spokane

Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control

We offer complete lawn fertilizing and weed control programs that will help keep your lawn green and weed free!

Our Fertilizing and Weed Control Program will make sure your lawn looks its best during the whole season.

  • Spring Aeration
    • 1 Sulphur Treatment –> Helps prevent disease and to lower the PH balance in your lawn. The PH in the Spokane area tends to be a little high.
    • 1 Spring application of Granular Pre-emergent Weed & Crabgrass Control plus Fertilizer
    • 3 Summer applications of Fertilizer — 2 with Weed Control
    • 1 Late Fall application of Winterizing Fertilizer

Contact us for our current Spray Service pricing.

— We also offer other programs such as an Organic program, Fertilizer only program and a very basic program.

Shrub and Flower Bed Weed Control

Tired of getting on your knees and de-weeding your flower beds? How about trying to get the weeds out of your shrubs? Well now is your chance to kiss that work goodbye!

Introducing our Shrub and Flower Bed Weed service:

  • 1 Spring application of pre-emergent weed control
  • 4 return visits throughout the summer to ensure you have weed free flower beds

Cost can also be dependent by the square footage of your flower beds. Call us to get pricing on this service – (509) 977-4841

Tree & Shrub Program

Did you know that bushes and trees can add value to your property? Not only do they add value but they also add character and natural beauty, they just make your place look better!

Our Tree & Shrub Program will keep your trees healthy and will help fight off insect damage.

  • 1 Early Spring dormant oil with liquid copper treatment.
  • 2 Insect sprays to help fight off insects that can damage trees and shrubs.

We also have available ‘Systemic Drench Treatments’ for all of your tall trees as well as Tree Injections.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you – (509) 977-4841

Perimeter Spider Spray

Do you hate spiders as much as we do?! We offer a Perimeter Spider Spray in order to help you win the fight against spiders!

  • 4 application perimeter spray program — will help protect your home from spiders and insects and will keep them outside where they belong!

We offer single treatments or scheduled treatments.

Give us a call to find out our current spider spray pricing – (509) 977-4841


Client Testimonials

Courteous, professional, and prompt. They got me on their schedule with only two days notice.
Ross L.

Thank you Jesse for your outstanding service. It is always a nice treat to come home on Thursdays and see how beautiful the yard looked after your crew had been there!

Nancy Sims

Since my husband has a full time job, its difficult to keep up on the yard work. We hired Jesse and Spokane Landscaping to do bi-weekly mowing of our front and back yard. So far they have been great.

Alicia Phillips

On Time, Good Job, Good Prices. Great service

Titus Hug

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